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Our Services

Founded on solid research and creative thinking.

What we do

We have a passion for working with brands to make great things happen through our expertise.

Founded on solid research and creative thinking to meet your objectives you get a unique picture of what will happen next, when and how you need to respond.

A holistic solution: We are able to customise every single report that we do to your exact needs, we help you achieve your goals.

Seamlessly fitting to your needs & solutions: We don’t have a one size fits all mentality at In-Trend Ltd. We’re really excited to bring your projects to life. You get a great service that answers your exact needs.

Super concise & highly visual and inspiring newsletters that present the latest product & service innovations. The content customized for each client


Short-term beauty trends monthly newsletters.

Our signature reports are called What’s up in Skincare / Makeup / Hair Care,...?  With a clear and concise analysis of the widest scope of emerging trends. It’s a deep-dive reporting on the latest product/ingredients & packaging innovations. 

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Mid-Term beauty trend & Innovations / Micro & Macro Trends.

We assist you on your latest projects with deep-dive reports on your specific needs. i.e: sustainability, ethnic beauty, hair extensions.


Clients’ on-demand report.

We assist you in your creative process to launch the next big hit product or service. We’ll inspire you with market & forecasting insights and creative mood-boards & data.

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Brainstorming workshops.

Innov Alert
Innov Lab
What’s Up?

The latest services & places of tomorrow’s wellness.

The most popular treatments today & what’s next? This tool serves equally well cosmetic brands as well wellness brands and clinics.


The next beauty providers are the food industry.

We are working with food manufacturers to help them create new beauty from within. Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, “considers her own skin-care routine to be 80 percent about what’s going on internally and 20 percent applying products externally.”

What clients say about us:

In-Trend’s reporting on product launches and trends in both the Latin American & Asian hair markets, provides vital insights for our team.

Edelina Natale
Innovation & Trend Manager
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