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16 Years  Experience

A long track record of helping industry leaders in beauty grow.

Here is In-Trend Ltd

In-Trend Ltd is one of the top 5 Beauty & Wellness market intelligence agencies in the world.

We use a unique process to deliver you, the future of beauty.

16 Years of experience.
A long track record of helping industry leaders in beauty grow. In that time, we’ve built up a solid process which allows us to deliver the highest quality work in the most efficient and timely manner.

100% Focused on Beauty & Wellness Product & Trend Intelligence.
In-Trend is your go-to-company for visualising the future of skincare, makeup, hair & wellness markets. Creativity, originality and experience are our most valued tools

We are based in London.

Our People

Beauty Marketers + Beauty Pros in one team:
All our reports are written by a winning combination of market experts and professional beauty experts; skincare experts, makeup artists, hairdressers, hairstylists, colorists beauty influencers. 

A 360° Expert beauty talents team:
We have a wealth of experience, your business will benefit from the skills of our experts. Writing a report is team-work. It involves a team with a wide variety of backgrounds & expertise.

More than 50 Beauty talents in house:
We are made up of some of the brightest and best lateral thinkers around. Beauty trend & innovation experts working side by side with technical experts (formulation, ingredients and packaging experts), with beauty professionals. 


Global reach:

We are present in 15 beauty-key countries.


Our Services

Worldwide Beauty Innovation digested for you:
We deliver services with a big difference, informed market intelligence that inspires brands to think differently. Empowering brands to meet the latest market trends and consumer needs.

Be informed about the latest beauty Innovations:

Be the first to know about the latest indie brands, new ingredients, new smart packaging, new product concepts, etc.

The Future of the beauty Industry at your fingertips:
We observe the evolution of the beauty market and we forecast its future.

Beauty Trend Forecast Worldwide:
What’s the future of skincare/makeup/Hair/fragrance/wellness?
The Future of Sustainable Beauty
The Future of Natural Beauty
The Future of anti-aging skincare…

In-Trend is your number one beauty brainstorming partner.


Our Clients

Loyal clients:
Long term relationships with our clients, spanning more than a decade. We have built true partnerships

Worldwide beauty players:
Our clients are the biggest players of the beauty & wellness industry

What clients say about us:

In-Trend is a factory of insights, informing us of the latest product claims and highly precious information to help us innovate. Their emerging new trends are always highly accurate, and very useful.

Jacques Valero
Parfums Responsible Innovation
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