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Our People

We have experts across the globe.

The In-Trend Team

We have a full in-house team, as well as a worldwide network of experts at our fingertips that we utilise in our collaborations and projects.

We are based in London.


Worldwide team:

Made up of free thinkers and deep thinkers, we have spent more than a decade to find the most talented beauty experts in key countries all around the world. European countries.

A smart mix of marketing & global beauty experts:

All our reports are written by a winning combination of market experts and pro beauty experts (skincare experts, makeup artists, hairdressers, hair stylists and colorists, beauty social media influencers,…)

A high energy team:

It feels different to work with us. We bring a fresh perspective with an infectious energy to every client relationship. Through our enthusiasm and experience we always strive to exceed your expectations

We have experts all across the globe


Stylists, Colorists & Care specialists

Wellness Gurus


Alternative Medicine Experts, Nutritionists, Life, Coaches, Yoga Teachers

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Skin Experts

Aesthetic Doctors, Medspa / Clinics Owners,

Beauty Thinkers


Beauty Writers, Beauty Influencers, Beauty Editors, Social Media Enthusiasts

Make-up Experts


Makeup Artists

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 11.59.01.jpg
Ingredient Experts

Skincare Formulators, Ingredients Manufacturers, Bio-Chemists

Our founder Emmanuelle Bassmann

A pioneering spirit:

She has always been a radically different thinker. Always looking to think outside of the box to provide successful collaborations.

A great listener:

“I believe that innovation comes from listening to experts all day long – 365 days a year. Then it’s about connecting dots and firing my marketing brain to come up with the next beauty concepts.”

A multi-cultural self:

I left France twenty years ago and moved to NYC. I have been in London for the past 15 years.

A leader:

Nurturing some fantastic talent in the team . ” If I had to say in a few words what made In-Trend one of the top beauty agencies, it is by working hard every day at motivating, inspiring and helping my staff and our freelancers to give their maximum and grow.”

Making a tangible positive difference to brands:

“I’m happiest when providing clients with concrete learnings and definite courses of action, that they can use to take their brands forward.”

“I’ve been working with Emmanuelle for more than 5 years, identifying emerging trends and key market insights and future proofing our direct and long-term strategies. Very analytical and business-driven, she’s always been ahead of the curve, proving intuition is a science that she masters! The cross-category experience (beauty, wellness, food...) that she has developed over the years has been a real asset and a great opportunity to explore beyond the confines of the category that I’m working on. Plus, her positive

can-do attitude just seals the deal!”

Guillaume Dacquet
Head of Prospective
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